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Splatter works across several industries including the FMCG, entertainment and technology fields, and we ensure we push our client’s products to the best of our ability so that their sales increase and show ROI. We combine field and online marketing tools to create the best possible experience, from demonstrating a product, ensuring it is placed correctly and promoting it to retail to buy mind share and further sales potential.


The purpose of a field marketing compliance audit is to confirm that a client’s requirements have been met or to gather specific information requested by the client. This normally takes the form of compliance questions which are answered by the field marketing teams during each store visit.


Making product and promotional marketing materials more visible in retails stores, ensuring that you are advertising the product /promotion to its full potential in a more appealing and sellable way.


Working at events can long hard work but can also be a lot of fun, representing global brands on a face to face level with consumers. You will need to be knowledgeable on the brands products and confident in expressing that knowledge onto consumers.


A product demonstration (or ‘demo’ for short) is a promotion where a product is demonstrated to potential customers in retail stores. The goal of such a demonstration is to introduce shoppers and allow them to see, hear and feel the product in hopes of getting them to purchase that item.


Staff and consumers alike require product training in order to either sell or buy the product with more a more informed knowledgebase. By knowing what the product has to offer and how it will benefit the end user it can increase sales and reduce product returns.


Allowing a customer to try a product before they buy is a great way to increase sales, and by providing a sample pack, be in cheese, washing up powder or chocolate it allows the customer to know how good the product us when making a purchasing decision.

Here at Splatter we pride ourselves on being the employer of choice for staff. With a very friendly and professional head office team we always make sure new and existing staff are treated with the respect they deserve and try to make working with us a pleasure rather than just a job. With our operations department, you can be sure that we will know who you are and that you will always get a friendly voice at the end of the line when you call the office.

We reward loyalty and hard work and go out of our way for staff who do a good job for us. From our office here in Stockport, we employ hundreds of staff regularly on a tactical ad-hoc basis. We also employ staff on full time contracts to work on some of our full time activities as well as our part time micro teams.

We want to attract new staff but we also want to retain and develop those who already work for us. By providing training per job we hope to ensure the development of staff throughout their employment, and many staff that have started with us by doing a few hours a week, have finally ended up in full time positions with us and even directly with the client. This is something we are very proud of as it shows we are doing our job well and that our staff are reaping the benefits.

Competitive pay

Our pay is very competitive and whats more we always pay on time, every time.

Part of the team

You will always be treated with respect and be able to hear the friendly voices of our booking staff when you are on a job or if you have any queries

Flexible Working

Our jobs range from a few hours that you may be free to fit in with your week, up to full time roles. So its easy to earn some extra money or earn a living working with us

Full Training

You will be giving full training and brief for each campaign you work on.

Finance & Tax Information

Each job you complete for Splatter will have varying rates of pay and paid through the PAYE. You will be paid each month directly into your bank account and receive a pay slip detailing the breakdown of your payment.

We pay via PAYE and fully comply with HMRC regulations.

If you have a P45 from your previous employment you must send this to us immediately upon booking your first job so that the tax you are paying is correct, you will otherwise be taxed incorrectly.

If you do not have a P45 form, or if you are not only working for Splatter as your main source of income you must download and complete a New Starter checklist form and send it to us immediately. Students may be able to claim any tax back at the end of the year directly from HMRC, please contact your local tax office for more details.

Staff FAQ’s

Do we need to wear a uniform?

If supplied yes, otherwise it will be business dress as specified by the client or retailer and this will be confirmed at time of booking.

When will i need to work?

Hours will vary by campaign. For most demonstration campaigns, a Saturday shift is 9am – 6pm (including a one hour break); a Sunday shift is store opening hours (which could be 10am – 4pm or 11am – 5pm and will include a 45 minute break).

Where is the work based?

We have nationwide opportunities, and we will always try to find you work as close to where you live as possible.

When will i need to work?

Days will vary depending on the campaign. Most demonstration campaigns are at weekends and will often include Bank Holidays. Some campaigns will just require you to carry out the visit between set dates, in which case you can do the work at any point during that time.

What happens when i have completed a job?

After every activity you will be required to submit an accurate and timely report which will include photos. The report is web based, so you simply need access to a computer/phone to be able to complete it. It is key we understand how effective your field activity has been and your rate of pay allows for reporting time. All pay is automatically generated with the timely completion of each report.

If you would like to sign up to be part of our team then click the button below and it will take you to our online portal where you can enter your details and wait for us to get in touch.

You can also email the booking department at any time on or call the office on 0161 428 0810 within working hours.