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Warehouse and Logistics

At Splatter, we are able to offer the use of our first-class warehouse and distribution centre where you can house your POS and materials. All items including POS that need to be sent out to field staff and retailers can be stored, sorted, picked and packed at our facility. We can manage everything from start-to-finish, so all you need to do is have the bulk delivery despatched to us. Once we have received the delivery, we can take charge of sending your materials out to the locations in question.

We have many years of experience when it comes to managing POS and materials for our clients. You can count on us to make sure your materials reach your retail partners on time, every time. We run a fully-operational warehouse that enables us to manage the whole process in one centralised location. The Warehousing and Logistics service is designed to save you time, money and hassle, has enough space for stock, POS and equipment and enables you to get materials not only to retailers but to locations where events and exhibitions might be taking place. We can provide you with regular stock reports and audits.

Our warehouse is located near a number of major transport links. We have provided event logistics for a wide range of clients, ensuring everything reaches its destination on time whether the occasion in question is an exhibition, conference or a promotional event in a shopping centre to give just a few examples. We are here to ensure your events a success that drives sales and stimulates vast interest in your products and services. You can count on our on-site event professionals to manage stock and POS before, during and after the event.

Why wait any longer to get in touch if you do need to find out more about our warehousing and logistics services? We are able to provide you with all the space that you need so you don’t need to store materials on your own site, where space may be lacking. We have supplied this service to a wide spectrum of clients from various different industries, and we always listen closely to feedback from our clients so we can continue to deliver the excellence that they require. More and more companies are choosing Splatter over the competition all the time when they need warehousing and logistics services from leading field marketers.

Our services are always tailored directly towards the specific needs of our clients. This enables us to create long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with a range of brands and retailers. Our warehouse and logistics team consists of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business, and we regularly pour investment into training and facilities to retain our position at the forefront of the market. What’s more is that our warehouse is completely secure and is constantly monitored to give you the peace of mind that you require. The facility is fully alarmed and includes CCTV and has the capacity for tens of thousands of items from various brands, many of which are household names.

We have provided warehousing and logistics services for a host of well-known brands and are proud to have been trusted by some of the most prestigious names around. At Splatter, we have the experience, expertise and resources needed to provide a comprehensive field marketing service. Why wait any longer to get in touch with Splatter if you are interested in taking advantage of our market-leading warehousing and logistics service? Simply talk to us today if our warehousing and logistics service sounds right for you and your needs.

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