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At Splatter, we offer a host of valuable services to meet your requirements, including Strategic Teams, Training, Merchandising and Auditing, Demonstrations and Sampling. To find out more about each service and what they consist of, simply click the service tabs below.

You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries or require any further information about our services.

Product Training & Evangelists

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The level of competition on the market today means it’s essential that those selling your products have a comprehensive knowledge of its capabilities and have undergone quality product training.

At Splatter, we are able to offer classroom or shop floor-based in-store training designed to ensure everyone in the retail and distribution chain is fully-trained to sell your product.

When staff receive full brand training, they can offer a more informed and detailed sales pitch when selling your products to consumers. The brand training we provide gives sales professionals the confidence and expertise they need to direct consumers to the most suitable products.

Strategic Teams

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The strategic team option draws all our services together, providing you with a dedicated, full-time team. The team are able to use their shop floor experience to provide you with essential information you may otherwise miss out on.

The Strategic Teams service provides you with a completely bespoke service encompassing evangelism, training, merchandising and more, giving you an all-inclusive view of retail.

Micro Teams

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If you’re interested in the Strategic Team option but your budget can’t currently cover it, the Micro Team option is designed with your needs in mind. This option provides you with all the options including in the Strategic Teams service but can be switched on and off as per your requirements or supplied on a part-time basis to meet your budgetary needs.

Product Demonstrations

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Demonstrations have a great track record when it comes to capturing the imagination of potential customers and giving them a deeper insight into the benefits of products. Various studies have shown that hands-on experiences and try-before-you-buy solutions heighten the chances of conversions being made in comparison to POS, messaging and other less effective options. With this option, we can send the most suitable staff to the best locations to engage consumers and sell your product. We can then send reports back to you instantly to demonstrate the sales uplift to you.

Product Sampling

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Product sampling also gives your target the chance to try out your product and is another great way to boost awareness and sales levels. Typical products showcased in product sampling can include snacks and beverages. Again, we can place the best staff in the most appropriate locations, enabling potential customers to sample your goods and send instant reports back to you to show the sales uplift. Studies show that staff run out of samples during 95% of product sampling days, which proves that these activities really do make generate substantial interest.

Event Teams

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The vast majority of manufacturers have a presence at numerous exhibitions and event days throughout the calendar. We can offer a comprehensive service for exhibitions and can manage the event from start-to-end if required, or simply provide a more modest level of support. Services we can assist with include stand builds and supplying trained professionals and brand ambassadors to manage the event.

Our events and exhibitions services ensure your usual day-to-day activities aren’t disrupted, as staff can work at your head office safe in the knowledge that things are being handled by highly-experienced and competent professionals. Of course, your staff can attend the event or exhibition with us if you wish.


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Chances are that you regard merchandising as a pivotal part of your activities. When products are launched, our clients usually require FSDUs, shippers and POS into retail environments so their goods get the promotion they require. As retailers tend to be incredibly busy, with various products to arrange, clients regularly enlist Splatter to arrange merchandising effectively so traction and compliance is not lost.

We can set up FSDUs and POS across all retail channels to make your launch phase as visually impressive as possible. We can then offer ongoing support, ensuring stock and activities are planogramed and that all stock and marketing is visible and ready for sale.


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If retail is overseeing installations and a full merchandising service is not required, our auditing service may be the right solution for you. Many clients choose us after learning that retail stores were unable to set up their activities as promised, with the aim of avoiding a repeat scenario.

Our audits service gives you live data during any point of the day so issues can be raised with retail partners instantly, to ensure budgets are not wasted and the key launch day is a success.

Warehousing and Logistics

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Our Reading-based warehouse and distribution centre is fully-equipped for managing your POS and materials. All POS and items which need to be sent to field staff and retailers can be stored, sorted, picked and packed at our facility. Everything is managed by our team from start-to-end, which means all you need to do is send the bulk delivery to us. After this, our logistics and field teams take all the steps required to get your materials to the right locations.