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Product Training and Evangelists

Making a retail purchase can throw up countless questions to consumers, including, “what product do I need?”, “which represents the best value for money?” and “is it compatible with what I already own?” The questions a customer asks themselves when shopping for a product are almost endless.

As a manufacturer, it’s important to understand that these questions need to be answered as quickly as possible, else you risk losing valuable sales. Product training equips staff with in-depth product knowledge, allowing them to answer customer questions and sell the various benefits of a product in a highly effective manner. It is difficult for a salesperson to sell to a customer if they’re unable to show how a product will address their needs, and this is where in-store training can help.

Without product training, staff may only a have a basic understanding of the products in your range, which will lead to them losing sales because they simply don’t have sufficient knowledge to sell them properly. This will especially be the case in larger stores which sell several thousands of products.

Product training is one of the most vital elements of your company’s marketing strategy, particularly in the retail sector, which is highly competitive. Whatever products you sell, and however good they are, you will almost certainly have competition, and this means that your customers can choose to have their needs met elsewhere. To ensure that they buy your product, you need to make sure that they receive an exceptional customer experience, and product training is an integral part of this.

Product knowledge includes everything from pricing structure to the various models, styles and colours available, and everything in between. Ultimately, a customer wants to know how a product will benefit them and how it will improve their life. With our product training, staff will quickly become knowledgeable about your product range and confident in their ability to sell them, which will lead to improved sales results.

At Splatter Group, we can assist with evangelism marketing, which involves helping your business to develop staff and customers who believe so fiercely in a product that they freely endeavour to convince others to buy and use it. These evangelists actively spread the word on behalf of the company, helping to boost your sales and improve your bottom line. Evangelism marketing is applicable to any kind of product, so why not contact us to find out how it could benefit your company?

We can help your business to develop strategies to get your customers talking about your products in a positive way. We’ll help you to find out how your brand fits into a customer’s life and determine how best to meet their needs. The more a brand satisfies a customer’s requirements, the more likely they are to spread the word to their friends and family.

If you want to maximise your sales opportunities, consider investing in product training and brand training delivered by our highly experienced team. At Splatter Group, we’ve been specialising in providing training services to retail businesses for many years and have built up a long list of happy clients. Get in touch to find out more about our training services.


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