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Product Sampling

At Splatter, we are waiting to come to your assistance if you require first-class product sampling services. There are many advantages to using product sampling when you wish to promote your goods. Product sampling allows your target audience to try before they buy and can raise awareness and sales levels remarkably, securing sales that would have never been made otherwise.

Products used in sampling can include snacks and beverages, including hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. We can place the right staff in appropriate locations, giving potential customers the opportunity to sample your goods. Reports can be send to you immediately, so you can see the sales uplift almost in real-time. Various studies have shown that samples run out during 95% of product sampling events, which shows how much interest sampling can generate. You can contact Splatter at any point if product sampling is something that you are interested in, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

If you are trying to market your product and sell it to consumers, providing samples can be incredibly effective. Many people don’t feel ready to proceed with purchases until they have tried the products in question. What’s more is that most people love a giveaway, and by providing free samples you can promote your brand as a generous, fun and warm company. If your sample is delicious or useful enough for the consumer, there’s every chance they will decide to purchase a full product. Product sampling also shows consumers that you are confident in what you have to offer them.

You can rest assured we can cater for you when you need professional, friendly and reliable staff to oversee your product sampling event. We can represent your company in a highly-professional manner and drum up vast levels of enthusiasm for your product. Our team are as enthusiastic as they are knowledgeable and always spend time researching your brand and product so they can confidently answer any questions the public might pose to them.

Product sampling isn’t simply about handing out samples without conversing with people. We can act as fully-engaged ambassadors for your brand, doing everything we can to encourage purchases without adopting an overbearing, pushy approach. We have vast experience when it comes to running product sampling events for a wide range of companies and are able to offer product sampling in various environments, including supermarkets, shops, exhibition centres, shopping centres and more. Whatever you require from our product sampling service, we can do everything in our power to align the campaign towards your specific needs, wishes and aims.

Our product sampling services are designed to bring potential customers closer to your brand and convince them to choose you over your competitors. We can help the public gain a better understanding of your brand and product. Giving away free samples of your products is one of the most effective ways to make conversions and draw attention to your company. Product sampling isn’t just about food and drink – we can also offer samples of products that can be taken away and used later, such as products for the body and for the home to give just two examples.

Timing is also incredibly important, which is why we carry out product sampling at times when your target audience are likely to be around. For instance, if you’re targeting young mums, weekday mornings can be the optimal time to offer samples. If you’re hoping to connect with professionals, we can attend venues in the early-evening. Why not get in touch to talk to us today to find out more about our product sampling services?

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