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Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can play a pivotal role in making conversions and stimulating interest in your products. The vast majority of consumers prefer to see your products in action before they purchase them, and showcasing them in a real-life setting can be the difference between purchases being made and products being left on the shelf. Product demonstrations can provide a deeper insight into your products and how they work, with various studies having shown that hands-on experiences are incredibly effective in creating conversions.

When you opt for our product demonstrations service, we will despatch the highly-knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff to an appropriate venue to showcase the benefits and functions of your product and encourage them to make a purchase. What’s more is that we can send instant reports back to you so you can see how your campaign is faring in real-time.

Product demonstrations can also allow consumers to try out products before they purchase them. We have many years of experience behind us when it comes to overseeing product demonstrations and can place your products in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time to give you the best possible return-on-investment. Product demonstrations bring consumers closer to your products and your brand, allowing you to build trust and loyalty substantially. The reason so many companies invest in product demonstrations is that they have a remarkable success rate.

Demonstrations also allow you to obtain instant feedback from potential customers, so you can find out what they do and don’t like about your product immediately. This helps you find out whether your product is meeting the needs of your target demographic and will tell you whether it’s wise to continue investing in and pushing your product.

Another great reason for running product demonstrations is that they allow you to make the public aware of your product without needing to invest in costly TV, print and online advertising. Product demonstrations allow you to engage in valuable face-to-face communication with your demographic. Even if customers don’t purchase your product immediately, if they like what they see there’s a big chance they will go on to buy it in future. At Splatter, we have organised product demonstrations for companies from a wide range of sectors and promoted a vast spectrum of items including games, appliances for the home and many more.

We can also come to your assistance if you require product sampling services for food, beverages, bodycare products, homecare products and more. Once a consumer has had a positive experience with your products, there’s a great chance they will go on to make a purchase and see your brand in a good light. Product demonstrations and sampling can create valuable levels of familiarity and awareness and even result in recommendations being made.

Demonstrations can help you educate the public about your brand and products, boost their understanding of your company and inform them how to derive the most value from your goods. Once a consumer is confident they can use your product effectively and that it will be of real value to them, the chances of a purchase being made are heightened substantially.

In today’s world, the level of competition amongst brands is vast, which is why it’s essential to go the extra mile to push your products and promote them in inventive, imaginative ways. At Splatter, we can demonstrate your products to the public in an enthusiastic, informative manner and gain a deep understanding of your business so we can act as highly-efficient brand ambassadors. Get in touch today to find out more about our product demonstration services.

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