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Kit Kat Case Study

Product Sampling Campaign Kit Kat Mini Bites

Splatter were asked to provide sampling staff to promote the new KitKat Peanut Butter Bites. The sampling team were asked to encourage customers to trial the new product for themselves, promote the in-store price promotion and drive sales.


Splatter provided a team of samplers to ask customers if they wished to try the new Kit Kat peanut butter bites in Co Op stores in order to promote the in store promotional price and drive sales.


The campaign took place over several weeks with 2 stores being completed in 1 day per staff member. Each member of staff had to be trained in food hygiene and complete full online training via our E-Learning portal.


The task required stands to be used in store to place the samples on and also provide branded point of sale. These were provided to us in bulk and, using our warehouse to pick and pack along with demo supplies such as product packs, napkins and gloves, we distributed to the relevant stores ready for the sampler on activity day.


On each working day our brand ambassadors introduced themselves to the store manager and located the kit that had been shipped to store. They set up the area in a prominent position in store and gathered enough stock to assist a sale after each sample. Each customer was given 1 mini bite to try, being made fully aware of any nut allergy information.


“A good way to introduce promotional products”

“Fun to see something new happening in store.”

“Great idea – the customers noticeably enjoyed the activity”

“Good to see the customers response to the product and would definitely be open to future activities.”


“The customers have responded positively and helped highlight the latest offer for the product.”

“Great – both staff and customers enjoyed the samples and the activity was fun.”

“Nice to see customers have something engaging in store”

“Another opportunity to push sales which is always a positive for me!”