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Event Teams

Most manufacturers have a presence at many different exhibitions and event days throughout the years. At Splatter, we are able to provide a comprehensive service for events days and exhibitions. We can be involved as much or as little as you like, and can even manage the event from start-to-finish if you wish. Alternatively, we can provide a lower level of assistance. We are able to support you in a number of ways, which can include providing stands and supplying brand ambassadors and managers for the occasion.

By outsourcing event day and exhibition management to us, you can keep staff on your site and avoid disrupting your normal day-to-day activities whilst providing you with valuable peace of mind. Your staff can attend the exhibition or event with us if this seems a suitable option.

There are many great reasons for utilising the services of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors can help you stand out from the crowd and provide your products and services with the valuable promotion they require. A brand ambassador can tell others about what your products and services can do for them and explain exactly why they are worth purchasing or investing in. A highly-experienced and knowledgeable brand ambassador can showcase your products and services in the best light possible and create a real buzz around them.

Brand ambassadors can give your brand a human face, educate potential customers and be the difference between purchases being made and customers and clients going elsewhere. Of course, you can act as your own brand ambassador, but this could leave you feeling overstretched, whilst the experience, expertise and enthusiasm of a quality brand ambassador can be worth its weight in gold and free you up to focus on other essential duties.

At Splatter, we always take the time to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses as well as their objectives so we can provide the ideal services for events and exhibitions. We have worked with companies from various sectors and always select the right events staff for your needs.

There are many great reasons for attending trade shows and exhibitions. Most trade shows are not open to the public but do expose you to a wide range of potential clients and investors who you may be able to create lucrative and prosperous relationships with. They are normally attended by members of the media too. Thousands of trade shows take place each year, and we can come to your assistance if you need help with selecting the right event for your company.

Exhibiting your products and services at a trade show gives you a valuable opportunity to show off what you can do. You may have various objectives when it comes to what you want to achieve from your trade show, exhibition or event. You may wish to obtain valuable customer feedback, demonstrate a new product, see what the competition has to offer, drive applications and more. Whatever the case, we can work with you to ensure your event is a success and delivers valuable results for your company. You can even use the occasion to find new dealers, distributors and employees.

Securing your presence at a trade show, exhibition or event can cost a considerable sum of money, but when you work with Splatter, you can ensure that your presence never has to be a wasted opportunity. Having been involved in so many events, we can be counted on to help you achieve your aims and portray your company in the best light we possibly can. Get in touch today to find out more about what our events teams can do for you.

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