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If installations are already being overseen and you don’t require a full merchandising service, you may well wish to opt for our auditing service. This service is designed to ensure your budget is not being wasted and that your installations have been carried out properly. A number of clients have approached Splatter after seeing their activities were not set up properly by retailers. We can help you prevent this scenario occurring again.

With our audit service, you can get access to live data throughout your launch day and on other relevant days so you can raise any issues with your retail partners immediately and put things right if things haven’t been carried out as expected. We can report back to you and provide you with information on planogram compliance, situations where the retailer has run out of stock, products from your competitors, pricing and more. With Splatter, you can ensure all products and promotional materials are properly placed.

Promotional activities can cost considerable sums, but your capital may be wasted when retailers fail to follow the instructions given to them. Audits are designed to ensure compliance is occurring and your investment is maximised. You can contact Splatter at any point if you do have any queries about how our auditing service works and how it can benefit you. With our help, you can ensure your promotional materials are laid out where they need to be, whether you’ve invested in signage, POS materials, product placement or anything else used to draw attention to your products.

We have years of experience when it comes to in-store audits and have carried audits out for a wealth of brands. We can visit all your locations and help you ensure stock levels remain sufficient. Should we discover problems with stock levels, we can work with you to ensure all stores are carrying the stock they require, enhance your distribution programmes and ensure pricing is accurate to increase your bottom line. We are also here for you when you require up-to-date accurate information on the performance of your products.

Talk to Splatter today if you’re eager to work with a highly-reputable field marketing company that is passionate about seeing you succeed. We can enhance your brand presence and help you obtain maximum visibility so your products are never missed by your target audience. We make thousands of visits to retail stores each years to obtain sales information designed to enhance growth and help you create better mutually-beneficial relationships with retailers. Enhancing the customer experience is also one of our key aims, and we endeavour to collect as much information as we can from your audience so we can target them more effectively.

More and more companies are choosing Splatter over the competition when they require first-class auditing services designed to protect their investments. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you are in need of an auditing service that will make your capital go further and ensure you have a robust presence in the stores that you have selected. We can also assist if you if you do need help with choosing the most suitable and appropriate retail environments for your products.

At Splatter, we always aim to surpass your expectations rather than simply meet them and are only satisfied when we have enabled you to achieve your objectives. Visibility is essential if your brand is to gain the attention it requires, and we are here to facilitate this. What’s more is that we create bespoke programmes designed to meet your specific needs perfectly. Contact us today to learn more about our auditing service.

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