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Retail Audits and Merchandising Marketing

Merchandising and Audits go hand in hand within marketing. Here at Splatter we provide experienced merchandisers to implement our clients campaigns across Europe. Furthermore, not only do the merchandising teams ensure POS makes it out onto the shop floor but they also build lasting relationships with stores and managers. Thus future campaigns can be more successful.

On the other hand where merchandising is about the implementation of the POS, auditing is about ensuring a campaign is being implemented as agreed by the client and the retailer. The data collected can be seen in real time on our portal and can help with future campaigns and negotiations. Lets take a closer look at the two services.


What is Merchandising?


First of all retailers and brands use merchandising to promote and sell to consumers. Companies use merchandising to stand out amongst the competitors in store. You want customers to be able to locate your products easily. If the product is positioned and well presented, the sale is remembered. Consequently the customer returns.


Merchandising covers everything from:

  1. POS – posters, shippers and standees
  2. Window displays
  3. Grouping related products together
  4. Shelf signage
  5. Branded TV ads in store
  6. Stocked shelves – position of each product on the bay
  7. Samples and giveaways


Benefits of Merchandising

Merchandising is mutually beneficial for the retailers and brands. Most importantly an attractive clean store with impressive POS displays can entice customers in. Furthermore if there is POS around the store promoting a product and a window display bringing customers in, there is a high likelihood that product is going to sell more. Effective merchandising can yield; Higher sale, faster inventory turnover, buyers who spend more time in the store and overall customer satisfaction.


What is a Retail Audit?


Companies pay a lot of money to implement marketing strategies like merchandising across retail. Due to the scale of the campaign it can be difficult to monitor internally. Most noteworthy retail audits are conducted on behalf of clients to ensure that their money is being well spent. Teams are sent out to into the front line of retail and their mission is to collect data on the success of the campaign.


Auditing include;

  1. Stock inventory
  2. Merchandising check list
  3. Installation of merchandising
  4. Sales report
  5. Photographs
  6. Competitor data


Importance of audits

Experienced field reps conduct audits on behalf of our clients. Armed with an iPhone or tablet they can collect data to support the success and compliance of the retailer during a campaign. Individual stores can’t always be trusted to implement the POS correctly. Retail can get busy and stores have a million things to do, as a result your POS might not make it out on schedule. With an auditing team there are dedicated staff ensuring that merchandising is in place and looking uniform across the country. Make sure the budget is well spent with an auditing team.