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Product Demonstrations

What is a product Demonstration?

In field marketing a product demonstration, or ‘demo’ for short is a powerful tool that can be used to sell or create brand awareness for a product or service. A good demo can be the deciding factor of a customer purchasing or not. With the opportunity to get hands on the customer is getting a feel for the product and what its like to own it. With an expert on hand to answer any questions the customer might have, there is more likelihood of on spontaneous sale. Product demonstrations can be beneficial during peak times like Christmas when there is abundance of competitor activity happening. Product demonstrations alleviate concerns consumers might have around the product or brand. If  a customer questions key misinformed claims or doubts they are quickly rectified by the rep.

Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration

Adapt to your surroundings.

A successful demonstrator will be able to adapt to their surroundings. In doing so they can create a sincere and genuine rapport with the people around them. Trust in the rep and the brand is crucial to a successful demo. Not all demos will convert to a sale. However the seed of brand awareness has been planted. Demonstrators can adapt and customise their demo to adhere to any type of customer. Its important to understand the customer and their needs in order to best fit the product into their lifestyle.

Relate to the customers story.

Every customer is different and will have a different lifestyle and need for the product. Hone in on their needs by asking questions. If you are selling audio equipment, where does the customer listen to music, what kind if music do they listen to. When we know this we can relate to their specific needs and tell them how it can improve that part of their life.

Set your self up for success.

A demo can be much like a presentation. In some cases it could be more difficult as your have to focus on one customer while they focus on you and try to understand how the demo is going. Much like a presentation you should rehearse your demo. Find out what works best, what gets most laughs and then go with it, adapting it to various customers at the same time. The more you talk the more you realise what works and what doesn’t. Know your product inside and out. You are the expert after all so don’t get caught out. Although if you do, tell them that you don’t know that answer but you will find out.

Test everything

Make sure everything is in working order, if your products need charge, do this every night before you work. If they pair to other various tech make sure this works and you are familiar with the process. If you need an iPad or lap top to demo the product ensure this is set up and in working order. The demo to be as smooth as possible. If their is any hick-ups the customer might think that you have not prepared and therefore its probably a mistake to buy from you. Secondly they might think the product is faulty and again a mistake to buy it.

Close the deal

Right after a successful demo is the best time to close a deal, the customer has witnessed the amazing product and you have told them how it will enhance their lifestyle in whatever way, they have had hands on the product and a sense of ownership. The next step is to move the sale forward with question such as ‘should I check we have your colour?’ you will know from this whether the sale is on. However don’t be disheartened if the sale isn’t made, you’ve done an amazing job of creating awareness and the seed is planted.