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Job roles within Field Marketing

Field marketing and promotions is somewhat of an elusive career. You don’t learn about it at school or college when you are deciding your future. If you are lucky enough to have worked in field marketing or know someone that has, you will know how fun and engaging it is. It’s like a sub culture of fun loving, positive people. For those that do not know or maybe you want to know more, then this article will help you decide if a career is field is right for you.

Field marketing rep

A field marketing rep is responsible for driving sales and brand awareness from the front line of retail. They use both consumer and business facing initiatives. Working closely with the client and their retail channels the rep is tasked with ensuring that the brand is represented well to the clients target market and retail partners.

Duties and responsibilities for a field marketing rep.

Responsibilities vary depending on what the clients desired goals and intentions are. Although some specific roles are uniform, a good field marketing rep will be able to adapt from consumer facing to business facing in an instant. Also using excellent communication and understanding they can relay key messages to the client’s marketing channels in their region. Although other times the field marketing rep is working face to face with the consumers ensuring that the clients brand is understood and mutually the client understands the consumer.  Duties include:

·         Attending events and expos (press, retail and public)

·         Negotiating with retailers on displays and POS placement

·         Auditing and Merchandising in retail (also monitoring competitor activity)

·         Training in retail and at specific training events

·         Report weekly, bi-weekly or monthly on activity and feedback in their regions.

·         Product demonstrations. (in-store and at events)

·         Direct selling to both consumer and business’

·         Implementation of the clients Marketing campaign in retail

·         Sometimes managing social media

Field Marketing Team Events

 Brand ambassador

A Brand ambassador or BA for short is a fun and enthusiastic individual. Furthermore they are most definitely a people person with the ability to adapt to any customer or situation, always displaying a positive and happy  attitude. The client wants someone who is approachable and engaging so the experience is remembered by the consumers. Confidence is key, as is product knowledge. If the role is more online focus a good social media engagement is preferred.

Duties and Responsibility of a BA.

Depending on the clients desired outcome a BA is employed for various roles. It is similar to a field marketing rep, however the job for BA can be somewhat more casual. A brand might reach out to a University student on campus to promote their latest offerings to fellow students. Also a BA could be chosen because of their huge social media following and influence. Other times BAs are used on a short term basis to help promote and sell during peak times. They are the ‘face’ of a brand which allows consumers to get closer to the brands they love. Duties include:

  • Represent the brand in various scenarios. (Retail, online, on campus, social media.)
  • Creating content (writing blogs, reviews, social media etc.)
  • Generating brand awareness (word of mouth, retail, events.)
  • Being an ‘influencer’ in their sub-culture or community.
  • Providing feedback and insight for the brand they represent, its market and competitor activity.
  • Promoting the brand on social media.

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Field Marketing Manager

Both the roles we have discussed above are vital when it comes to field marketing. However as reps and BAs work all over the country in their own region it is important to manage the teams and ensure they are all working towards the same desired goals and outcomes. Often the field marketing manager will be working out of the clients or agencies head office. However sometimes they can be in field assisting their team. The managers are the liaison between the reps on the front line and the client back at the HQ. They must have excellent communication, leadership and organisational skills and be able to adapt from dealing with the team to meeting the client in an instant.


Duties and responsibilities of a Field Marketing Manager

It is the field Marketing Manager that is the glue of the operation. They stand between client and reps ensuring that the field teams are all working on the same page. The managers are the first point of call for any questions or queries from within the field. Some other duties include:

·         Managing a team of marketing field reps (schedules, collating reports etc

·         Set goals and targets for field team

·         Training of reps and BAs

·         Set goals and targets for field team

·         Sometimes recruiting for tactical initiatives

·         Research trends about the clients marketnig and competitors

·         Managing logistics for the field team (demo product, POS etc)

·         Reporting to the client

·         Ensuring the marketing plan is implemented by the field team.

·         Senior trainer/sales for important events


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