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Meet and Greets with Splatter

At Splatter we love to meet with new and existing staff as much as we can. We are a people business and therefore it is important to have the right people in our team.

This is why when we have new applicants we like to get to know them as much as we can. This starts with a simple phone call to learn about what they are looking for and their past experience. Whether they are experienced Brand Ambassadors or simply have a desire and enthusiasm to become one. This will then lead onto a meet and greet around various cities in the UK. We like to go to them so we can meet as many as them as possible in one go.

Our meet & greets are of benefit to Splatter as a company, our staff who can learn more about us, and our clients who can be sure they are getting dedicated and hard working people assigned to their campaigns.

By getting to know our staff on a more personal level, finding out what kind of work they are looking for, what roles they particularly enjoy doing and it lets us get to know more about them as a person and what motivates them. This allows us to be able to book the right staff onto campaigns, as we will know that they will take pleasure in the job they are doing. We always want our staff to enjoy working for Splatter.

Our staff also benefit from attending meet and greets with us as it lets them get to know us as a company better by discussing the types of work on offer, how the booking process works and we can also tell them some of the exciting campaigns we work on for both global reaching clients as well as smaller localised businesses. Meeting with a member of our friendly office team allows any questions staff may have to be answered and explained as well as letting them and us to put a face to a name, doing this our staff feel more relaxed with Splatter and the office team.

With all of the above taking place, it means that when we place an ambassador in store at whichever level or role that may be, our clients can be sure that they have someone that is willing to go the extra mileage with the knowledge and enthusiasm to engage customers/staff in order to increase product sales.