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Splatter Group E-Learning

Why is E-Learning so important?

Splatter Group Elearning


Splatter has built an E-learning tool within our staff portal that is used to provide extra training and more detailed briefs to our staff.

There are a number of modules available, from the company background to full detailed job briefs. Modules can be targeted to a particular staff members on certain projects, staff members that fulfil certain criteria, or simply potential new sign ups looking for a little more information before they even meet with us.

Using a slide based system as seen above we can deliver content in a clean and simplistic manner that will show nicely both on web browser and mobile. We can pick out key points that will ensure the trainee has the information needed at quick glance but can also see more detail around that key point within the slide.

Slides can include media content such as images and videos, and makes use of questions in order to make sure the content is taken in and answered in order to progress.

At the end of the module the trainee will be able to see their score as a % based on the answers they gave, which we can then use to analyse and provide extra training in person where it may be required.

Why is E-Learning so important?

E-Learning via the Splatter Portal can be accessed anytime 24/7 via a web browser on any device, with a design that makes it fully accessible and simple to access. We can drive content large or small to more people at one time without the cost of face-to-face meetings or staff costs of phone training. We can track peoples access and analyse the answers they have chosen to ensure the content has been read and understood, which can then be followed up with phone confirmation of understanding.

If you wish to know more about how we can use e-learning to help our staff drive your product sales then get in touch with Jon at