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Events Staffing

Using Field Marketing To Increase Sales

For businesses, attending an exhibition or a conference is imperative for attracting new customers, and making fresh contacts; if managed properly these events can successfully get a company’s name out to a much wider audience.

However, many commercial enterprises aren’t equipped with the expertise to successfully manage an exhibition, or don’t have the resources to dedicate to it, which is where a team of expert field marketing staff can prove invaluable.

Exhibition/conference Management

A field marketing agency will handle every part of a company’s exhibition or conference, and ensure they have the ideal team in place to represent the manufacturer’s product; the more experienced agencies will be able to cater for a variety of needs, from providing a few extra staff to help with the running of the stall, to providing a full team to interact with potential customers, while also enabling the company’s core brand messaging to be made clear to would-be buyers

In addition, there are numerous others ways in which an events team can aid in product sales. These include:

Promotion – despite the growth in social media and online marketing, attending key exhibitions still remains a vital part of getting a new product in front of potential new consumers. With a team of expertly trained staff, who understand the product and what it does, it is possible to attract a whole new audience for your product, which might not be possible to reach online.

Engage – customer engagement is crucial to the sale of more products, and it can be hard to achieve. However, by using a staffing team that understands how to draw consumers in and engage them, it is possible to help your product to really stand out from the crowd.

Training – with a team of expertly trained staff to educate both commercial and non-commercial customers what your product is, what it does, how it works, and its many benefits, potential consumers are able to gain the information they need to make a purchase; the better educated an individual or company is about a product or service, the more confident they will be when it comes to making a purchase.

Expertise – in order to successfully manage an exhibition or conference, it is necessary to have experienced field marketing staff that understand how to make a conference a success.

Our Experience in Consumer Electronics

Splatter Group has years of experience working with companies in the consumer electronics industry, and we can supply the crucial staffing a business needs to make their exhibition/conference time a success.

Our field marketing team has appeared at many of the key industry events including the Gadget Show Live, IFA, Eurogamer, Gamescom and Comicon.