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Field and Experiential Marketing

Splatter was born out of a desire to give clients a better, more focused, results driven and understanding service than that of our competitors. The team behind Splatter are a collaboration of people that have worked for other field marketing and sales agencies with the ambition to create something bespoke by utilising our individual experiences to give our clients a superior service.

Named New Agency of the Year in 2012, Splatter have continued steady growth since OUR inception in 2010 and now boast over 15 full time employees and hundreds of part time and tactical staff, all supporting the business and our growing client base ensuring high quality levels of service. During the five years of trading, Splatter now operates a fully functioning French business, Splatter Connect France, and covers many EU territories via partnership links including Germany, Nordics, Benelux, Spain, Russia and Italy.

We believe we are one of the best agencies in the industry as we have many years combined experience in this marketplace, yet we are a very high energy and vibrant business that always goes the extra mile to help our clients. If you have a need for field marketing, make sure you speak to Splatter first.

Splatter Connect Field Marketing

Dashboard Reporting

Our unique dashboard reporting means you can access your critical data in just a few simple clicks. This powerful tool will keep you on the pulse of your activities execution.

Unique Login

You and your team will be given personalised access to our reporting dashboard so you are always in touch with what is important to your campaign specifics.

Results at Your Fingertips

Once logged in, you can see your live data instantly and are able to manipulate the simple data and raw data to provide instant reports on what is happening with your activity.

Campaign Photos

As well as your data, all of your activity photographs will be stored for you to access project-by-project meaning you can download at any time those important images needed for internal presentations.

With you from start to finish

Our Work Flow

Splatter Field Marketing campaign cycle

1 - Concept

Budgets and campaign metrics agreed with client

2 - Choosing the Right Team

Once we have worked with you to decide requirements, we then start to profile, interview and finally book staff members that are the right fit for your campaign

3 - Setting Up The Project

Once we know we have the right people in place to deliver the right results, we then set up the systems so that we can provide live reporting throughout your campaign

4 - Campaign Live

Once the campaign is live you can view your live reports by logging into the online portal with unique access to your project. You will also receive updates and support from your assigned account manager

5 - Campaign Completion

After the campaign has finished, your result will still be available for you online to access as you please, but you will also receive an inbox report and a debrief with your account manager

Product Demonstrations

We can train the whole distribution chain on your product from distribution to stores, to consumers

Product Sampling

By giving your consumer a small sample of your product it can lead to further sales

Stock Taking

Know what stock you have available on a per store basis via our live reporting portal

Mystery Shopping

Get a real insight into how your product is being sold in store.

Audit and Compliance

Check whether your paid for marketing is in place, or your product is in the right place at the right price


Products not on shelves has a major detrimental effect on your sales, we can ensure your stock is where the consumers can see it

POS Installs

We can get your POS installed and looking as it should be in store and helping increase sales

Product Training

We can train the whole distribution chain on your product from Distribution to stores, to consumers.


Got a question?

View Our Frequently Asked Questions

The world of Field, Experiential and Online marketing is a large industry and you may not be sure exactly what you are looking to achieve or indeed what is possible to achieve.

To the right we have put together a list of FAQ’s in order to help you understand what we offer, whether you are looking to create a campaign for your brand, or whether you are looking to work with us on behalf of our clients representing them in the field.

Of course, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch at

How long do you need to set up a campaign?

It does depend on the amount of work involved, but Splatter can have activity up and running in a couple of days for basic jobs to up to 2-4 weeks for longer more detailed work.

What are your terms of work?

Splatter work to however the client requires from long and short term contract based activity, to non-contracted ad hoc activity. Splatter will come to the best solution to fit you needs.

What industries do you work in?

Splatter specialises in the entertainment, gaming, technology and FMCG sectors, however we do business in all types of industries and are able to work bespoke depending on the client and their requirements.

How do I see activity reports?

Splatter provide all of our clients within a unique reporting site that you can access 24/7. On top of this, Splatter provides detailed summary reports at agreed milestones during your campaign to keep you fully up to date.

Will I get a dedicated Account Manager?

With every campaign, team or service we provide, you are always assigned a dedicated person to be you point of contact. This person will help you every step of the way from setup, execution and reporting and will always be available for any calls or meetings that may be required.

How do I know your staff are best for my campaign?

The staff Splatter employ are dedicated to the field marketing industry and already have a detailed understanding of the marketplace. On top of this, Splatter utilise the latest in training and management tools to ensure all staff are briefed correctly and fully understand the job at hand. Splatter also meet our people on a regular basis to keep them up to date on procedure and so we have every confidence that our staff will match the right profile for your activity.

How do you price up activity?

Splatter provide quotations based on a rate card that is then reviewed to fit the clients budget. Splatter will always do the very best for our clients to ensure we are competitive and giving the best value for money. Splatter will also price match if any client can provide a like-for-like quotation on the job they require.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes, Splatter are VAT registered.

What are your payment terms?

Splatter operate on 30 day invoice payment terms via BACS. Full details can be provided on quotations.

What have we been up to



Our Directors

William Slater

Operations Director

“Since creating the company back in 2010, we have always been committed to providing 2nd to none service, from helping the client to realise their concept right through to the reports they receive upon project completion, and everything in-between. It is something we are very proud of here at Splatter Group, and will continue to strive in order to achieve better results with each campaign that we do”

Jonathan Dunnett

Client Director

“Here at Splatter we have a real passion for all things technology, entertainment and field marketing. We love nothing more than helping to increase presence in stores and uplift our clients sales. We are hugely proud of the strides we have made from a start up business in 2010 to seeing us now working in over seven different countries and employing many people across these territories”

Who do we work with?

Our Clients